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Exclusive Bundle: MyBabyCells PREMIUM Conservation Plan

CHF 4'640.00

This special offer includes MyBabyCell Complete and all our services for a total of 35 years of storage. A special price with 1000 CHF discount, only available for full payment online or with our dedicated call centre. All services are included.

  • Optional services

    DNA Banking mum & baby

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  • Optional services

    MyBabyCells Protection

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  • Optional services

    +10 years Storage

    CHF 800.00 Add to cart

Unlock a world of peace of mind with our MyBabyCells PREMIUM package, now offering a full suite of comprehensive services for an unparalleled 35 years of conservation.

Special Offer: Embrace this unique opportunity with our limited-time offer and enjoy a significant saving of 1000 CHF!

This exclusive deal is available for full payments made online or through our dedicated call center.

What’s Included in the MyBabyCells PREMIUM Package?

  • MyBabyCells Complete: Secure the future of your child with our advanced stem cell storage from umbilical cord blood and from the umbilical cord tissue.
  •  10 Years of Extra Storage: Enjoy extended peace of mind with a remarkable 35-year conservation plan. 
  • DNA Storage for Mum and BabyStay ahead with our DNA storage service, providing crucial information for future treatments and medical paths.
  • MyBabyCells Protection Plan: Focus on your family when it matters most. In case of a transplant, our program supports you with financial assistance for treatment-related costs.
  • Full PREMIUM Service by SSCB: We guarantee exceptional service from start to finish. All services take place exclusively in Switzerland.
    • Comprehensive Collection Kit: All necessary equipment delivered right to your doorstep.
    • Seamless Transport: Trust us for the safe and timely transport of your kit to our FACT-Netcord certified laboratory in Switzerland.
    • Expert Laboratory Services: Benefit from our top-tier testing and processing in the only laboratory in Switzerland with FACT-Netcord certification.
    • Long-Term Security: We offer a solid 35-year commitment to cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen.
    • Full Personal Support: We are committed to providing personal support throughout the entire process. From addressing your questions to keeping you updated about your sample.
    • Research and Support: Our collaboration with the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation ensures that we are always at the forefront of research and medical knowledge. Our families consistently receive support from leading academic and medical professionals in Switzerland.

Secure the Future Today: Choose our MyBabyCell PREMIUM Conservation Plan for a comprehensive approach to long-term preservation and care.

Value of the pack: CHF 5’640.-
Special price: CHF 4’640.-