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Do you live in Vacallo?
Store your baby's stem cells with us.

If you are in Vacallo, you have the possibility of preserving your baby’s stem cells with us. 

We deal with cryopreservation of stem cells and we offer our services throughout Switzerland.

Contact us now and we will provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, explaining why it is important to store stem cells from blood and cord tissue at birth.

By preserving stem cells from the blood and tissue of the umbilical cord, you can protect the health of your child and that of the whole family

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If you live in Vacallo, you have the incredible opportunity to preserve your baby's stem cells at birth

If you are in Vacallo and want to preserve your baby’s stem cells at birth, you can decide to rely on us.

We have our own laboratory, so all procedures and sample storage take place at our premises without any intermediary.

Your child’s blood and cord tissue samples will be processed and stored at a specialised facility based exclusively in Switzerland.

Do you give birth in Vacallo?

If you give birth in Vacallo, you can store blood stem cells and cord tissue with us.

At the time of birth we will collect the kit at the hospital or clinic of your choice.

Once the stem cell sample arrives at our laboratory it will be analysed and then stored.

Our products available in Vacallo and throughout Switzerland

Protect your child's future health thanks to stem cells

Store your baby's stem cells in a FACT-NetCord accredited Biobank

The same accreditation issued to Public Banks

For over 10 years, our laboratory has been FACT NetCord accredited, the specific accreditation for cord blood stem cells, which is recognised worldwide and is also issued to public donation banks. 

This type of accreditation is only granted after the laboratory is subjected to strict controls by external inspectors. 

Thanks to this accreditation, the sample can be used without problems in the case of a possible transplantation.