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Preserve your baby's stem cells, a unique opportunity at birth

If you are expecting, you have an incredible opportunity to preserve your baby’s stem cells when you give birth. 

Childbirth is the only opportunity to harvest this type of cells, which are able to treat haematological, metabolic and immune diseases.

Your family’s health is important, protect it!

A lovely surprise awaits you

Dear Mum, we have decided to reserve you a surprise, enter this code at the moment of the purchase:

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Otherwise, contact us by phone on 0800 610 610 or by email at the address, mentioning the code. Our consultant will give you al the informations about our services, without any engagement.

Why you should choose SSCB?


  • We have our own laboratory in Switzerland where we process and cryopreserve samples directly (without using external laboratories). Parents can visit our lab at any time.
  • Our laboratory is FACT – NetCord accredited, the specific accreditation for cord blood stem cells, which is recognised worldwide and also issued to public donation banks. Being FACT- NetCord accredited, the samples stored in our laboratory can be used in any transplant centre in the world. 
  • Our laboratory holds GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. This certification, which requires adherence to strict operating procedures, raises the quality of the products we develop to drug level.
  • We collaborate with the University Hospital of Bern in the project of so-called hybrid conservation. The samples we process are of such high quality that they are the only private samples made accessible to the Swiss public system and included in the donor registers.

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