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Minimal liposuction technology opens new frontiers in regenerative medicine, offering patients a less invasive method of harvesting adipose tissue. This tissue, known as lipoaspirate, is sent to our specialized laboratory for two main treatments: cryogenic preservation and Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) extraction.

Cryogenic preservation allows the cells to remain viable for a long period, preserving their regenerative properties for possible future use. SVF extraction, on the other hand, isolates stromal and vascular cells, which are essential for treatments.

This approach not only maximizes the utilization of the patient’s autologous adipose tissue but also opens the door to personalized and targeted treatments, significantly improving the prospects for recovery and aesthetic outcomes.


Aesthetic Medicine

The process used by Swiss Stem Cells Biotech in aesthetic medicine begins with minimal liposuction, a minimally invasive method of harvesting fat tissue. Lipoaspirate from large weight reductions can also be retrieved.

This tissue is then processed to isolate the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), a concentrate of stromal and vascular cells. These cells, known for their regenerative properties, are then used in various aesthetic treatments. The process harnesses the natural potential of stem cells to improve aesthetic appearance, offering a more natural and personalized alternative to other aesthetic treatments.

How it works?

The Beauty Program

Discover tailored beauty with our medical experts! We collaborate with highly qualified professionals who offer personalized aesthetic consultations to find the perfect treatment for you.

Minimally invasive liposuction is a safe procedure used to harvest high-quality adipose tissue. This gentle technique minimizes discomfort and recovery time, allowing you to quickly return to your daily activities. The collected tissue is crucial for subsequent regenerative treatments, leveraging the natural properties of your stem cells. With the tissue biobanked, there’s no need to undergo liposuction again to access various autologous products in the future. A mini liposuction is sufficient for several applications.

The small sample of adipose tissue collected through gentle aspiration undergoes a process that separates the stem cells from other components, extracting the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). The result is a concentrate rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors, ready to be used in various aesthetic applications for tissue regeneration. This process provides a safe and effective approach to harnessing the therapeutic potential of the stem cells present in adipose tissue.

Application for aesthetic purposes. The application of SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) taken from adipose tissue offers a powerful remedy against the signs of aging. Stem cell injections can occur as early as 48 hours after harvesting or later and on several occasions if the product has been cryopreserved. Studies indicate that these injections give sustenance to the fatty tissue of the face, effectively reducing the visible signs of aging. As an alternative to SVF, it is possible to freeze and use “Micro/Nano Fat,” a product also harvested by mini liposuction. This natural filler provides volume to rebuild degenerated areas, ensuring lasting benefits and a natural effect. Rediscover your beauty with SSCB through these advanced and safe techniques!



In orthopedics, Swiss Stem Cells Biotech’s technology is employed for advanced regenerative treatments. Adipose tissue collected through mini liposuction is processed to obtain: “Native Lipoaspirate,” “Nanofat,” or “Microfat.”

These products contain cells with regenerative properties that can be used in various treatments for adipose tissue reconstruction with an anti-inflammatory and filling effect.

The approach aims to simultaneously harness the regenerative, filling, and anti-inflammatory potential of one’s adipose tissue to accelerate healing, help treat pain, and improve the outcomes of various orthopedic treatments.

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The Ortocells Program

The function of SSCB is to provide a high-level biobanking service, while the consultation and any subsequent treatment remain in the hands of expert specialist doctors

Minimal liposuction is a safe and minimally invasive procedure performed to collect high-quality adipose tissue. This delicate technique minimizes discomfort and recovery time, allowing you to quickly return to your daily activities. The collected tissue is crucial for subsequent regenerative treatments, leveraging the natural properties of your stem cells. Thanks to the biobanking of this tissue, there is no need to undergo liposuction again to access various autologous products in the future. A mini liposuction is sufficient for various applications.

After collection, the adipose tissue is immediately sent to our laboratory certified by Swissmedic, where it is processed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. Here, we can store the lipoaspirate in minimally manipulated form, allowing the specialist to request the personalized product that the patient may need in the future. Cryopreservation ensures the vitality and integrity of the cells for future use, offering a valuable resource for long-term regenerative and therapeutic treatments.

Orthopedic treatments utilize the latest innovations in conservative alternatives and regenerative medicine. By using minimally manipulated lipoaspirate to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions, the aim is to reconstruct adipose tissues, repair and regenerate damaged tissues, as well as alleviate pain and improve mobility, offering a long-term solution for a better quality of life.

Our services include immediate use of the product or storage for future medical or aesthetic use in the short, medium, or long term.


  • Rapid access to various products derived from adipose tissue (SVF, Native Lipoaspirate, Nanofat, Microfat)
  • Simplified access for doctors to ready-to-use products
  • Access for patients to younger and healthier cells and tissues
  • Convenient solution for long-term and/or repeated treatment plans.

Storage of adipose tissue

The storage of adipose tissue (lipoaspirate) provides a forward-thinking option for those looking to protect their future health. Through a minimally invasive procedure, approximately 120 ml of adipose tissue is extracted, processed in an aseptic laboratory, and then cryopreserved in nitrogen vapor. This tissue, rich in mesenchymal stem cells known for their exceptional regenerative properties, can be thawed later and used for a variety of therapeutic and aesthetic treatments.

This service not only ensures highly personalized and fully compatible treatments with the patient but also offers long-term benefits by providing continuous access to one’s own biological material for future treatments. Furthermore, it offers potential economic advantages by potentially reducing the overall costs of repeated medical extraction procedures.

Our laboratory, compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing and 100% produced in Switzerland, ensures quality and safety and maintains the highest current standards.

CELLS Academy for Medical Partners

Welcome to Cells Academy, a gateway to the forefront of regenerative medicine and advanced surgical techniques. In collaboration between the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF) and the Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB), we are proud to offer an innovative training program for medical professionals looking to perfect their skills in the most advanced technologies of extraction, biobanking, and mini-liposuction.

Our Curriculum:
Precision-crafted, our workshop program promotes an intensive immersion into the field of autologous transplants (Autotransplant). It focuses particularly on the extraction and processing of adipose tissue for a wide range of applications, both regenerative and reconstructive. This educational path is ideal for professionals looking to advance their practice in various fields of medicine, including but not limited to aesthetic medicine and orthopedics. The curriculum effectively combines theoretical knowledge with rich practical experience.

Course Structure:
Our educational offering harmoniously combines theoretical lessons with practical applications. Participants have the opportunity to discover and harness the potential of autologous products and materials derived from adipose tissue and stem cells. The workshop covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the basics of tissue biology to extraction techniques, processing methods, and the unique properties of stem cells. Special attention is given to the use of mechanical technologies and the processes of transportation and storage in the lab, which are essential for success in handling tissue samples.

Opening and Opportunities:
Cells Academy invites all interested medical professionals to participate in our introductory session, aimed at providing the necessary foundations for a deep understanding of the innovative practices our program offers.

Your Path to Professional Growth: Joining Cells Academy means embarking on a journey to excellence in regenerative medicine, opening new frontiers in patient care. By enhancing your skills and expanding your treatment repertoire, you become part of an avant-garde community in medical innovation. Our educational approach goes beyond mere knowledge dissemination; together, we actively contribute to shaping the future of medicine, step by step, with a special focus on the fundamental unit of all life: the cell

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