SSCB services,
specialist consulting.

SSCB offers a wide range of specialized services aimed at its partners and companies.

B2B Partner Services

  • Storage of biological material for third parties
  • Performing microbiological and endotoxin testing on final samples
  • Cytofluorimetric analysis of stem cell count and detection
  • Analysis of cell count and viability
  • Verification of lipoaspirate sample assay

Consulting services

  • Consulting services in GMP, GDP, and FACT Netcord guidelines
  • Consulting in the production of ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) in an aseptic environment
  • Risk assessment consulting related to ATMP production
  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dorrier (IMPD) consulting related to ATMP production
  • Other consulting services related to biobanks and quality control laboratories
  • Evaluation of preclinical protocols in the field of ATMPs
  • Training of external personnel

Contract manufacturing (production for third parties)

Consultation, development, validation, approval, and production, as well as storage in nitrogen vapor, of products in the field of tissue engineering and advanced biological products (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMPs) on behalf of third parties: The specialized contract manufacturing service, offering consultation, development, validation, approval, and production of products in the field of tissue engineering and advanced biological ATMPs, as well as cryopreservation, provides a crucial offering for facilities and companies in the biomedical and biotechnological sectors.

This service offers a comprehensive solution that covers all necessary phases to transform a biotechnological concept from a simple idea to a finished, market-ready product. By providing this service, companies can rely on a trustworthy partner who takes over the entire development and production process, allowing customers to focus on market strategies and product marketing.

This collaborative approach ensures that specific biological products reach the market effectively and timely, meeting the needs of customers and professionals in the field.