Store stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta

Storing the stem cells from umbilical cord and placental tissue represents an act of love toward your baby. These cells have the ability to differentiate into various cell types, offering an unparalleled opportunity in the field of medicine.

They can be used to treat more than 80 different serious diseases, including diseases of the blood and immune system. Choosing to store cord blood stem cells, can make a difference in your child’s life, ensuring they have a valuable resource to meet any future challenges.

A gift of health for the whole family

The preservation of umbilical cord and placental stem cells is not only a valuable investment in your child’s health, but also represents a potential resource for the entire family.

These unique cells have a high probability of compatibility with close relatives, providing a therapeutic resource for a variety of medical conditions.

By choosing to preserve them, you can ensure a valuable therapeutic option for your family.

Thousands of families have already protected their children's biological assets with SSCB.


Why store cord stem cells?

Versatile Therapeutic Potential

Stem cells can transform into different types of cells, making them valuable tools in treating a wide range of serious diseases, including some cancers and blood disorders.

Security and Compatibility

Stem cells collected from the umbilical cord are fully compatible with the baby, reducing the risk of rejection and complications in any future treatments.

Future Prevention and Treatment

Storing these cells provides a kind of “biological insurance“, offering advanced treatment options for the child should he or she need them later in life.

How does it work

A simple path
towards an important choice

Receive the Kit

If the delivery takes place at one of our "Collection centers," the kit will already be available there; if not, we will ship it to your home within two days of registration, at no additional cost.

The big day

The collection of stem cells is carried out by the obstetric staff in charge of the collection. The procedure is painless and safe for both mother and baby.

Recovery of the Kit

If the birth takes place at one of our "Collection centers" the obstetric staff will notify us of the birth, otherwise, you can call 091 960 22 20. We will take care of organizing the collection of the kit.

Delivery of the Kit

A designated courier will show up directly at the hospital or clinic to collect the kit and deliver it to our laboratory. Only with SSCB, the kit goes from the delivery room to the laboratory, without being dangerously moved abroad for processing.

Conservation in Switzerland

Our laboratory, licensed by the Swiss health authorities, will perform stem cell extraction, analysis, counting and cell viability assessment and proceed to cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen at temperatures below -150°C. Only SSCB has chosen to invest in quality by storing samples in liquid nitrogen for greater temperature stability and cell viability.


Approximately three months after giving birth you will receive the final cryopreservation certificate. Only SSCB indicates on the certificate the number of isolated stem cells and their cell viability, information required by transplant centers around the world!

MyBabyCells Basic

Preservation for 25 years

CHF 3700,00

CHF 3400,00


Installment payments available.

MyBabyCells Complete

Preservation for 25 years

CHF 4300,00

CHF 3990,00


Installment payments available.

MyBabyCells Premium

Preservation for 25 years

CHF 5640,00

CHF 4640,00


Installment payments available.

MyBabyCells Basic Twins

Preservation for 25 years

CHF 4900,00

Installment payments available.

MyBabyCells Complete Twins

Preservation for 25 years

CHF 5900,00

Installment payments available.

PLEASE NOTE: 100% in Switzerland means not only the final storage but ALL product preparation without sending the sample abroad.
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