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Adding life to life

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech's mission is to offer a comprehensive and medically founded response so that you may age in good health and preserve your future quality of life.

Who are we

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech markets SSCS stem cell collection and storage services.

SSCB is also responsible for communicating the potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine and contributing to research projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Umbilical cord stem cells

Unique biological and immunological characteristics

Our Vision

Based on a simple principle: the younger we are, the stronger and more numerous our stem cells are and as get older we are more likely to be affected by diseases, the storage of our own stem cells from the umbilical cord represents a real opportunity to benefit in the future from cell therapies that are now under development.

Our Mission

To offer innovative and very high quality services in the emerging field of regenerative medicine in particular:

  • Collection and treatment of stem cells for direct autologous use or for cryostorage for future therapeutic need.
  • Continuous scientific and medical communication to physicians and patients, fostering the sharing of knowledge within our medical network and encouraging the involvement of our medical partners in research and development activities.

What we do

With its laboratory exclusively based in Switzerland – SSCB, Swiss Stem Cells Biotech which is the only autologous bank in Switzerland to benefit from FACT-Netcord accreditation – we follows the treatment of the blood and the tissue.

Clinical utility of these stem cells, in the treatment of many blood diseases (including some lymphomas, leukaemia and myelomas), is now demonstrated.

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