Giving birth peacefully thanks to Hypnobirthing

Getting rid of fear and doubts to give birth by experiencing deep relaxation following special breathing and visualization techniques that help us break the fear-tension-pain chain

A few weeks before the birth of the next royal baby, Meghan Markle would be considering giving birth using the technique of hypnobirthing, as did her sister-in-law Kate for her three children and as more and more women decide to give birth.

To better understand what this technique consists of, we met Manuela Duvia, a midwife certified from the KGHypnobirthing centre in London. This is about «restoring the happiness and tranquility of childbirth to the parents» says Mrs. Duvia.

Hypnobirthing is an educational process that includes special breathingrelaxationmeditation and visualization techniques to ward off physical and mental tension, and thus break the fear-tension-pain chain. In essence, it is an alternative method of alleviating and managing the pain of labor and childbirth, in order to face the birth of your child with greater serenity.

It is an intentional use of natural hypnosis or a state of deep relaxation that each of us experiences for about 60% of the day, for example just before falling asleep, or just waking up in the morning, while reading a good book, or watching a movie. Our minds are alert, attentive, in full control of their abilities, while our bodies are calm and relaxed.

This meditative practice allows us to draw on our inner resources, which reside in our unconscious mind, in order to create a state of well-being and relieve any feeling of stress and discomfort. When you are relaxed, in fact, you do not feel fear; our body is not tense, so childbirth becomes an even more magical experience.

Advantages of this method include a shorter first phase of labor, considerably alleviated intense pain, a shorter hospital stay and less fear and anxiety after the birth of the baby. The main purpose of Hypnobirthing is in fact to face the birth of your baby with mindfulness, and to replace fear with knowledge and tension with relaxation, because «when the way in which you see birth changes, the way in which you give birth also changes» states Mrs. Duvia.

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