MyBabyCells Basic

MyBabyCells Basic is a service for the cryopreservation of umbilical cord stem cells for 25 years, providing a future therapeutic option for the child and the family.

The process, managed by experts with advanced and certified technology, includes the processing and safe storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells or cord tissue. It’s a proactive choice for long-term health.


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For today and for the future

Storing umbilical cord stem cells represents an act of love for your baby. These cells have the ability to differentiate into various cell types, offering an unparalleled opportunity in the field of medicine.

They can be used to treat more than 85 serious diseases, including diseases of the blood and immune system. By choosing to store cord blood stem cells, you can make a difference in your child’s life, ensuring that he or she has a valuable resource to meet any future challenges.

How does it work

A simple path
towards an important choice

Receive the Kit

If the birth takes place at one of our "Collection centers" the kit will already be available there; otherwise, we will send it to your home within two days of signing up.

The big day

The collection of stem cells is carried out by the obstetric staff in charge of the collection. The procedure is painless and safe for both mother and baby.

Recovery of the Kit

If the birth takes place at one of our "Collection centers" the obstetric staff will notify us of the birth, otherwise, you can call 091 960 22 20. We will take care of organizing the collection of the kit.

Delivery of the Kit

A designated courier will show up directly at the hospital or clinic to collect the kit and deliver it to our laboratory. Only with SSCB, the kit goes from the delivery room to the laboratory, without being dangerously moved abroad for processing.

Conservation in Switzerland

Our laboratory, accredited by the Swiss health authorities, will carry out the extraction of stem cells, the analysis, counting and evaluation of cell viability and will proceed with cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen at -196°C. c


Approximately three months after giving birth you will receive the final cryopreservation certificate. Only SSCB indicates on the certificate the number of isolated stem cells and their cell viability, information required by transplant centers around the world!

A gesture that counts:
Preserve today to protect tomorrow.

What is included in the service?

  • Supply of a collection kit
  • Transport of the kit to our laboratory in Switzerland
  • Processing according to FACT-NetCord and GMP standards
  • Storage of hematopoietic stem cells in two bags
  • Serology analysis on the maternal blood sample
  • Microbiology analysis on the cord blood sample
  • Total cell and stem cell counts
  • Analysis of the cellular viability of stem cells
  • Cryopreservation for 25 years
  • Cryopreservation certificate
  • Installment payment


SSCB is the only Fact-NetCord accredited and GMP certified biobank. Therefore, the quality of our services is guaranteed and approved by the relevant Swiss health authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The collection of samples takes place immediately after birth, at the moment when the umbilical cord connecting the mother to the baby is cut. The collection procedure is simple, lasts a few minutes, and is completely painless for both the mother and the baby. When the procedure is completed, call the number 091 960 22 20 to arrange for pickup. The samples will be sent directly to the laboratory where they will be processed and cryopreserved. Subsequently, the results of the process and the final cryopreservation certificate will be sent to you.

Yes, certainly! Our laboratory is located in Ticino and is visitable by appointment. We will gladly show you the laboratory and the banks where thousands of stem cell samples are stored.

The kit will be picked up by our dedicated courier for the transportation of biological material and delivered directly to the laboratory. Our collection kit is a thermal box that isolates the sample from external temperatures. It has its autonomy and keeps the samples in optimal conditions until it reaches our laboratory. Inside the kit, there are two temperature stabilizers that keep the samples at the optimal temperature during transportation and a “datalogger” that records the temperature from the moment the kit is assembled until the samples arrive in the laboratory.

Your samples will be processed as soon as they arrive in the laboratory following the highest quality standards. Our laboratory operates seven days a week, ensuring continuous service throughout the year.

The blood and cord tissue samples of your child will be processed and stored at the SSCB Swiss Stem Cells Biotech laboratory, a specialized and certified FACT-NetCord and GMP facility in Switzerland! Our laboratory has a security system that allows 24/7 monitoring of each individual cryopreservation container, 365 days a year.

Cord blood collection should ideally occur within one minute of birth. Delaying the collection beyond one minute may affect the quantity of cord blood available.

No. Whether you opt for a natural birth, a cesarean section, or induced labor, you can choose to collect your baby’s stem cells.

We hope you never need them, but if you do, we will assist you throughout the process. If you require stem cells for therapeutic treatment, we will provide the samples free of charge. After agreeing on consent documents with you, we will coordinate with your doctor to securely deliver the samples to the transplant center at the requested date and time.

SSCB stores samples in two separate bags to allow their use on two different occasions. It’s important to note that storing in two bags is only possible if the collected blood quantity allows for it.

No, storing cord blood in two bags, as well as cord tissue, is always included in the price. However, regarding stem cells extracted from cord blood, this is only possible if the collected blood quantity allows for it. As for cord tissue, it is always divided into two separate vials.

Thanks to the FACT-NetCord certification, your child’s stem cells can be used not only by the child themselves but also by their family members. In most allogeneic transplants (recipient different from the donor), stem cells from a family member are used. Stem cells from a relative (preferably sibling) are generally the first transplant option when considering the source of stem cells.

No costs are incurred in case of unsuccessful collection, whether it fails for any reason or if the samples do not meet the quality requirements for clinical use. If you have already made a payment, you will receive a full refund.

MyBabyCells Basic

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MyBabyCells Basic

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