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MyBabyCells Basic

We will store your baby's stem cells from umbilical cord blood or cord tissue for 25 years.

MyBabyCells Complete

We will store your baby's stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue for 25 years.

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Our products in Switzerland

Protect your child's future health thanks to stem cells

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A useful and essential investment

A mother testifies

“I want my children to be able to benefit from all the scientific and medical progress and new therapies.”

The benefits of Swiss Stem Cells Biotech

Conservation in Switzerland

All process and storage of the samples are entirely performed in Switzerland.

Warranty of Quality

The laboratory with which we collaborate is the only autologous bank in Switzerland to benefit from FACT-Netcord accreditation, in addition to being certified by Swissmedic.


NetCord (International NetCord Foundation) is a non-profit association that consists mainly – but not exclusively – of public cord blood banks. So far, the pool of NetCord-accredited banks has released over 10,000 units of cord blood for transplantation in both adults and children. Precisely to guarantee the best possible use of the sample in case of transplantation, in 1999 NetCord started a very close co-operation with the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT), with which, starting from 2001, a series of accreditation programmes were started are updated approximately every three years to keep pace with the development of technologies and processes.

The FACT-NetCord accreditation – renewed every 3 years – is more complete than that of AABB, and stands out mainly for its end-to-end approach to the inspection, that concerns every aspect of cord blood management – from the time the blood is collected to its processing in the laboratory, storage and patient management in case of transplant (for accredited structures that offer cell therapies).

Today, FACT-NetCord standards are recognized the world over by stem cell transplantation programmes.

Everywhere in Switzerland

Have you decided to store your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells?
The newborn’ s cord blood and cord tissue can be collected in all maternity wards in Switzerland.
Please contact us on 0800 610 610 for more information.


By recommending Swiss Stem Cells Biotech, you benefit from special advantages:

The person you are sponsoring receives CHF 150.-

You receive CHF 150.-


If you wish to benefit from a MyBabyCells offer for your 2nd or 3rd delivery, you benefit from a discount of CHF 300.- on the price of the offer. To benefit from this, call 0800 610 610 and you will then receive your promotional code to use when buying online.

Free release

Swiss Stem Cells Biotech regards stem cell conservation as a life insurance policy for your child and family.

If you need them for therapeutic treatment, we will release the samples free of charge.

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A midwife testifies

Ms Annalies Suira, midwife for 26 years

“The puncture of the umbilical cord is not invasive, neither for the mother nor for the baby.”

In the past the umbilical cord was only seen as waste material but today it represents an irreplaceable source of stem cells, which may be extracted in a very simple and safe manner both for the mother and baby.

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Trust and transparency

Our Client Service Manager testifies

Because this decision is important for any future parent, our expert answers all your questions on 0800 610 610.

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