Prof. Dr. Med. Breymann is convinced about the great potential of perinatal stem cells

Stem cells are particularly suitable for use in regenerative medicine.

Testimony of Dr. Breymann, professor in obstetrics and prenatal medicine

I have been working with perinatal stem cells and their benefits for many years.

In 2000, I began working together with the Cardiac Surgery Clinic to develop the first umbilical cord stem cell heart valve, which is already being successfully used in animal testing and hopefully will soon be ready for human use. Today there is a close cooperation with the Institute for Regenerative Medicine of the University of Zurich.

It appears that stem cells from the umbilical cord blood as well as the umbilical cord tissue are particularly suitable for use in regenerative medicine. Even today, bone tissue, skin tissue, nerve tissue and heart tissue can be regenerated by stem cells.

Impressive examples of this are recent reports from clinical research in children with cerebral palsy, in whom the use of stem cells has led to significantly improved recovery of brain tissue. For example, after brain injuries, due to an accident or a lack of oxygen.

Personally, I am convinced of the great potential and possibilities of perinatal stem cells.

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