"Oh my god, I'm pregnant!" How to give the good news to your partner? Why not in a fun and creative way? Read our advices.

Oh my god, I’m pregnant!“: Who knows how many times every day the walls of the bathrooms all over the world hear this exclamation!

There are those who take the #pregnancy test next to the partner and those who choose to do it alone wanting to make a wonderful surprise to the partner. In this case, how to give the good news? Why not in a fun and creative way?

Here are some ideas from which you can take inspiration:
• Frame the ultrasound and place it where your partner won’t miss it
• Attach a rattle to his house or car keys
• Put a pair of baby shoes in the shoe rack next to your partner’s shoes
• Prepare a small package with a pacifier in it, to be unwrapped impatiently
• In place of the napkin, place a nice bib on the table

Any way you choose or invent to say it, it will always be a unique and unforgettable moment.

And you, how did you announce the great news to your partner? Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment!