Hypnobirthing: my body is relaxed, my mind is calm, my baby is on its way

Hypnobirthing: Kate Middleton’s secret

New mothers and many others around the world were amazed and shocked at the lightening recovery of mother Kate Middleton after the birth of little Prince Louis Arthur Charles, fifth in line to the British throne.

The web and social media have been rife for days with photographs of new mothers, 7 hours after the birth of their children, ruthlessly comparing them with pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge.

And the question we are all asking ourselves is: How does she do it? How can she be on her feet already, in high heels, radiant, blooming, relaxed and serene just a few hours after giving birth! It isn’t human!

Reading the various articles announcing the birth of the young royal couple’s third child, we then find the answer: amongst the team of experts who accompanied Kate to hospital, the most important figure was her trusted Hypnobirthing teacher, who also was by her side during the two previous pregnancies.

So, the next question we all ask is: Hypno-what???

Hypnobirthing is a process involving the teaching of special techniques of breathing, relaxation, meditation and visualisation practice to banish physical and mental tension and thus to break the chain of fear-tension-pain.

It makes use of natural hypnosis, which is a state of profound relaxation that each of us experiences for around 60% of the day; for example, just before going to sleep, or just after waking in the morning; whilst reading a good book or watching a film. Our mind is alert, in full control of all its senses, whilst our body is calm and relaxed.

This meditation practice enables us to draw on the inner resources, which we all have in our unconscious minds, in order to create a feeling of well-being. When we are relaxed, we are not afraid, our body isn’t tense. Thus, childbirth becomes an even more magical experience which we will undergo in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, free of the fear which prevents the muscles of our body from functioning as nature intended.

The principal aim of Hypnobirthing is to replace fear with knowledge and tension with relaxation, thereby restoring a sense of calm to parents during childbirth.

When the way in which we regard childbirth changes, so too does the way in which we give birth.