Transplantation of blood stem cells in Children

Transplantation of blood stem cells in Children

From the “Together” Magazine of Swiss CRS Transfusion:

Children (0-18 years of age) undergo blood stem cell transplantation in the event of immune deficiencies (29%), chronic blood diseases (18%), metabolic diseases (6%) or leukaemia and malignant tumours (47%).

In the last ten years 65% of the children concerned have received a heterologous donation, 22% a donation from a brother or sister with identical HLA characteristics. In cases where no such donor was found or the timing did not allow it, the children received a semi-identical donation from one of the parents (13%). The chances of recovery in the case of foreign donors or siblings with identical HLA characteristics are about 90% (this number does not consider the risk of recurrence in the case of leukaemia).

The chances of recovery after a semi-identical donation are slightly lower, but the results have been steadily improving for some years. In Switzerland, blood stem cell transplants in children are carried out almost exclusively at the Zurich Children’s Hospital.


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